Control Panels and Electrical Equipment

  • Feb_2006_Pictures_044smallmotor starters
  • explosion proof motors
  • phase converters
  • variable frequency drives
  • timer controls
  • telemonitoring instrumentation
  • programmable logic controls

Control Panels are Underwriters Laboratories® approved Nema 4, 7, and 9 control assemblies. Our controls are available in a variety of sizes and functionality giving you the flexibility to customize each system as needed. We use only the best components in each control panel, ensuring long lasting operations, even in the most extreme conditions.

Electrical Equipment

  • Nema 4 assembly - water and dusttight
  • XP motor - used in a classified environment
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLC's) - used to operate equipment


  • systems based on logic that is programmed into the PLC. This also removes the use of relays in the control panel. 
  • Operator interface panel
  • Variable frequency drives (VFD's)/ soft starts - used to control the speed of electric motors which will change the rate of air and water flow
  • Timer controls - used to turn systems on/off based on timed events
  • Intrinsic barriers and controls (hazardous locations) 
  • Process temperature sensors and controllers 
  • Phase converters - used to create three phase power from single phase power source 
  • Motor starter - used to start motors from 1/4 hp and up Monitoring Equipment:


  • Remote monitoring telemetry - used to monitor equipment operation status and communicate via telephone and computer in the event of a shutdown
  • Power monitoring
  • Combustible gas monitors - used to monitor the level of gasoline vapors in a confined area or vapor stream. This device can also control ventilation fans or dilution valves.
  • Chart recorders - can record the LEL from a combustible gas monitor, the temperature from a thermocouple, or air/water flow rate from an analog signal flow meter 
  • Water flow meters - totalizes water flow
  • pH monitoring and transmitters
  • Product flow meters - totalizes flow of product 
  • Air flow meters and transmitters
  • Magnehelic gauge sets - used to monitor differential pressure in wells, vapor stream, oxidizer systems, or across plumbing pieces, i.e., valves, filters, etc.

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