Carbon Products

Carbon Products are used for the removal of low amounts of contaminants in both water and vapor treatment or to polish water after a tray or tower treatment system.

A summary of our carbon capabilities:

  • Bulk Activated Carbon for water treatment, air treatment and process stream treatment manufactured from coal or coconut shell. Packaged in 1000 lb. Super Sacks, 200 lb. fiber drums or 50 lb. Bags
  • New Adsorbers for sale or rent - Adsorbers with a carbon capacity ranging from 100 lb. to 1000 lb., and larger models made to order.
  • Carbon Adsorber Change-out Services - H2 provides carbon adsorber change-out services at our customer’s sites.
  • Spent Carbon Recycling Services - H2 provides spent carbon reactivation services for hazardous or non-hazardous spent carbons.

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